Hammond organist, Joe Doria brings together some of the best of the NW music scene to create a powerful and jaw-dropping funk and jazz sound like you’ve never heard, exhibiting a mix of stellar musicianship, seasoned songwriting and deep groove where no musical stone gets unturned. What began in 2008 as an ode to jazz organ greats Jimmy Smith and Jack McDuff, and has since evolved into a versatile and exciting group that has performed across the nation. The band has three volumes, their 2009 release ‘McTuff Volume 1’, the rock and psychedelic 2011 follow-up with ‘McTuff Volume 2: After the Show’, and the 2015 third volume McTuff Vol 3: The Root. A 4th release is on the way with the latest McTuff wave, ‘McV3’ (McTuff V3) featuring Cole Schuster and Ehssan Karimi.

All McTuff iterations perform regularly so be sure and catch a show!

McTuff ‘V3’ with Ehssan Karimi and Cole Schuster

McTuff V2 with Andy Coe and Tarik Abouzied

McTuff feat Skerik, Andy Coe, and D’Vonne Lewis

O.G. McTuff feat Skerik, Andy Coe, and D’Vonne Lewis

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