Joe Doria – Musician / Composer
Hammond Organ, Piano, Synths & Vintage Keys

“Joe Doria, a Pacific Northwest native, has been captivating audiences since the early 90s with his mastery of the Hammond Organ, piano, and vintage keys/synths. Immersed in the rich tradition of the Hammond, Joe draws inspiration from the giants of the instrument while fearlessly exploring diverse musical styles. Renowned for his ability to intricately layer bass lines and chordal structures, Joe elevates every performance with depth and dimension.”.

Based in Seattle, he founded and leads McTuff, a mainstay in the local club scene for over 15 years. Crafting a powerful funk and jazz sound, McTuff delivers jaw-dropping performances showcasing stellar musicianship and deep groove. With national tours, acclaimed albums, and residencies at legendary venues like Seattleā€™s Seamonster Lounge, McTuff’s electrifying live shows are an unforgettable musical journey.



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